The pictures to the left show the front cover of the book with Kikera and Sol  (top) and some members of the wolf pack (bottom) - including Montag and his evil  brother Brutus in the middle, the leader Greystoke to their left.  


I taught 9 to 13 year olds in Toronto for thirty years and know from experience how much children of that age love a good adventure story. Also, in this new cyber age, I felt it is necessary to bring back the love of reading to this young and still tender generation.  However, to my surprise, I am finding that my first book 'The Adventures of Kikera and Sol' appears to be having a much broader audience.

So enjoy, whatever age you may be,  Sue


The Adventures of  Kikera and Sol

The Adventures of Kikera and Sol is a compelling story of a half-breed wolf-dog and her devotion to a young and abandoned mutt-mix (the wolfpack’s name for a pure dog).

Kikera had been happily raised as the daughter of Greystoke, the leader of the wolf coven. But when Kikera discovers a homeless Sol, trouble begins as other members of the pack show intolerance of a mutt-mix so different from them.

As far as the pack is concerned, Sol doesn’t do anything right and the coven banishes him.  Kikera must make the heart-breaking decison between staying with her coven or living vulnerable in the wild with Sol. Kikera chooses to leave with him.

Bound by a strong and loyal friendship, they survive their lonely struggles through the wilderness, make contact with human life but eventually arrive back at the wolf pack where a liberal-minded leader accepts them - especially when Sol charms the mother wolves as he reveals a unique and special ability. 

The surprise ending to the story is emotional and mystical…but threatens the future. What will happen will be told in the sequels. 

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